Early-stage investors based in Los Angeles.

It’s our approach that makes the difference.

The advantage to Advantage Ventures.

Our founding partners are an equal balance of tech and business.

In their decade together as partners, they’ve utilized their complementary skill sets to create their own successful ventures and help others do the same through their development firm, VentureDevs. It’s this dual approach that fuels our ability to identify promising startups and help turn them into thriving businesses.

An idea needs more than money and luck to succeed.

That’s why we aim to give our portfolio companies every advantage we can. We are picky about our investments, but once we engage, we are there every step of the way. From strategy advising to extending our global network or providing operational support, we empower our portfolio companies to act fast and make the right decisions to accelerate their growth. Advantage is in our name for a reason.

How we work:


Our happy place is between Seed and Series A

We have started and sold our own businesses, and we’ve done everything in between. We like to get in early to help our portfolio companies start strong and scale with speed.


We aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty… in fact, we prefer it

We aren’t the overbearing type, but we believe in investing more than just capital. Entrepreneurship is in our DNA, and we are ready (and eager) to use our deep experience as founders and operators to help ensure our portfolio companies succeed.

What we look for:

Strong teams

We look for leaders who encourage their teams to challenge the status quo and teams that can persevere through even the toughest of startup challenges.

Unique advantage

In essence, what will make your company succeed over the potentially 10 others just like you in the market?

Market Validation

An idea isn’t enough for us to make an investment. To start, we need to see extensive proof of market research and validation.

Compelling concept

We invest in companies that inspire us and show long-term growth potential.

Network fit

We are value-add partners, which means we want to be able to offer you support through introductions or operational resources, etc.